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dimecres, 7 de novembre de 2007


Per què jugar a Rifts amb l'MDC quan gairebé tot lo que hi ha al món és MDC? M'estic plantejant passar-ho tot a SDC (eliminant les armes SDC) i afegint (a ull) AR per les armadures. Pot ser interessant...
Una altra opció és conservar l'MDC, però les armadures lo que fa és convertir el mal MDC a SDC, excepte les Power Armors i Vehicles que funcionarien igual. És una altra opció...

Idees, idees... :)


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Quim ha dit...

Ja tinc la sol·lució per jugar amb les armadures, i a part vides extres:

SDC Damage Through MDC Armor
In addition to the rules presented in the books, sometimes if a character takes damage in a certain way additional SDC damage may apply. For example if a character wearing Coalition Deadboy Armor with 50MDC is hit by an L-20 rifle which inflicts 30 damage with a laser burst the character may take an additional 3D6SDC damage through the armor due to the burn. The same shot hitting a SAMAS however would not inflict the damage.

GI-Joe Rule
If the attack does more damage than what the armor's maximum is, it goes through and full MDC damage hits the character.
Deadboy with 50MDC maximum on armor but only has 12 remaining is hit by an ion blast which does 16MDC. The remaining armor absorbs the blast and the Deadboy is still alive. Even if he is hit by a mini-missile inflicting 40MDC he will survive. However if that same Deadboy is struck by a Boom-gun round or missile inflicting 51 or more MDC he recieves the full MDC damage applied to him.

Extra Lives (Read before going nuts... lol)
This is something I am implementing because I know it's not fun to have a character you really have gotten attached to and then all of a sudden a few bad rolls happen and they're dead. Basically each character gets 3 strikes or 3 extra lives. Now this is not like your basic Super Mario, try again lives. It merely gives the character a chance to live, but there are still strings attached.

An example might be someone who is struck by a Mega-Damage laser. Now according to Rifts Ultimate, if that character recieves medical treatment within 2D4 minutes they can survive. Now lets say their time is up, but someone can still treat them, we'll bend the rules and allow them to be healed however they're still going to be hurt and likely to be missing a limb... strike 1 buddy. Now lets say this same character is killed in an explosion and isn't really able to be saved. Well there may be some being who sees something in this character and may be willing to return them to life for a task, or maybe their spirit lives on in the Astral Realm and they have to find a way to return to the world of the living. Strike 2. They get back and not long later they jump in front of the fireball intended for little Timmy. We'll once again bend the rules to help them out a bit (strike 3), any time after that, the character dies. End of story. Just so everyone realises, this is not a free extra try, there is still a price.

I realize that this may seem too generous or that the players would abuse this but it's worked wonderfully with my group. They don't do anything absolutely stupid thinking "just because I can and I'll survive". They realize that there is a price and that if they waste that life now, that the natural 20 that the sniper they're going to run into, rolls, is going to end their character's life completely.

That's about it. Other than that we pretty much just play by the book.

Menécrates ha dit...

Sóc incapaç de trobar uns mails que vaig intercanviar amb en Mateu i en Tomàs sobre sistemes alternatius. De tota manera a la Game Master's Guide (o és al Conversion Book 1?) hi ha una proposta de sistema.

Crec que s'ha d'aplicar....

Menécrates ha dit...


Conversion Book 1: pàg 32.

Sistema de conversió directe. Caldria provar-lo però em sembla interessant!

Quim ha dit...

Si, ja ho veig (llegint el CB1). No sé si portarà molta feina però. M'agradava aquesta regla que les armadures convertissin el mal MDC a SDC. Què en penseu?

Tuturi ha dit...

Sincerament, sense un exemple pràctic o provant-ho de les diferents maneres m'és molt difícil veure que es guanya i què es perd amb cada sistema....

Quim ha dit...

Conversió directe: Tot allò que posi MDC es converteix en SDC. Les armadures guanyen AR.

SDC a través de les armadures MDC. Tot continua essent MDC, però les armadures (excepte les Armadures de Poder) el què fan es convertir 1/10 part en d6 del mal MDC en SDC (dissipen el calor, l'energia cinètica, el què sigui...). Així si un tret et fa 34 MDC, l'armadura transforma 3d6 MDC en SDC que passen al seu ocupant. La resta ho absorbeix l'armadura en forma d'MDC.

El primer mètode sembla el més senzill però porta alguna feina de conversió d'armadures i conjurs.

El segon mètode crec que és interessant per fer que les armadures es desgastin menys (a costa dels SDC del PJ).

Ambdós casos són interessants per que es potencien habilitats i conjurs de curació que d'altra manera no pinten res en el joc si no és per alguna amputació.