Imatge aleatoria de capçalera

dijous, 13 de setembre de 2012


Amb aquesta entrada enceto una tanda d'apunts on aniré penjant els PNJ de l'aventura "Llocs encantats".

A continuació es tracta de l'adversari principal aparegut a la primera part de l'aventura, que va portar de corcoll als PJ durant unes quantes sessions. Es tracta del Rawhead que anava convertint a gent de Goodcourt. Per fer-lo vaig agafar com a base el rawhead estàndard del CB3 pàg. 60 i li vaig aplicar les regles del WB1 R&E sobre conservar els vampirs habilitats de les OCC d'on provenen. A més, incorpora un pin d'Alter Aura per evitar ser detectada per invocacions o poders com Sense Evil o See Aura.

Adina Tulliver (Rawhead Ley line walker 4th level)
Alignment: Miscreant (Evil) Alter Aura: Unprincipled (Selfish)
Attributes: I.Q. 19, M.E. 13, M.A. 8 (14 in human guise), P.S. 33*, P.P. 21, P.E. 21, P.B. 5 (15 in human guise),  Spd 14; *supernatural P.S.
Hit Points: 63
S.D.C.: 81
Horror Factor: 15
P.P.E.: 102
I.S.P.: None
Height: 1.73 m Weight: 56.7 kg
Appearance: (in original human guise) A solid-looking woman with attractive features but a very off-putting manner. She has wavy brown hair and blue eyes. She dresses in the style of a wizard but without all the extra accoutennents. She does have a few pieces of jewelry prominently displayed, and a simple tattoo of a knotted cross on the right side of her neck. She moves casually with it despite its size. She favors light pastel colors and off-white. She dresses up for any Gathering, applying make-up and adding more jewelry to her ensemble.
Natural Abilities: Nightvision 305 m, Bioregeneration 2d6 /melee rnd. (15 s), Only sleeps 2-3 hours during afternoon, Great leaping ability: 6.1 m up and across (w/ running x2), Special climbing: walls and ceilings at 95% at full speed. Inmortal until slain, decapitated and burned to ashes!
Vulnerabilities: Wood, silver and magic do normal damage; holy weapons, symbols and water does double damage. Not affected by sun light. Impervious to other kind of damage.
Special abilities: Sense Ley Line 30%, Sense Nexus 35%, Sense Rifts, Sense magic in use (122 m), See Magic Energy (305 m),  Read Ley Line, Ley Line Observation Ball, Ley Line Force field (28 MDC - 10 PPE).
Skills: Speaks all languages at 98%, Literate in Dragonese 50%, Literacy: American (49%), Wrestling, Horsemanship (General) 80%, Writing (30%), Skin & Hide 90%, Land navigation 90%, Surveillance 80%, Prowl 80%, Detect ambush 80%, Detect concealment & Traps 80%, Lore Magic 65%, Lore: Demon and Monster (38%), Seduction (22%).
Magic (+1 spell strengh): Manipulate Objects, Invisibility: Simple, Multiple Image, Watchguard, Trance, Charismatic Aura, Weight of Duty, Seal, Charm, Armor Bizarre, Compulsion, Globe of Silence, Protection Circle: Simple, Ley Line fade.
Combat: Seven (7) at night, five (5) at day physical attacks per melee round.
Bonuses: +2 initiative (when angry or hungry, otherwise +1), +5 strike, +5 parry (+7 Boots of speed), +3 dodge (+9 boots of speed), +1 automatic dodge, +2 entangle, +3 disarm, +4 pull punch, +10 vs Horror Factor, +3 vs poison, +4 vs Magic, 1 vs Possession and Mind Control, +1 roll.
Damage: (+18 SDC) As per supernatural P.S., typically:
Restrained Punch: 5D6 S.D.C.
Full Strength Punch or Kick: 4D6 M.D.
Power Punch: 1D4x10 M.D. (but counts as 2 attacks)
Bite: 2D4 M.D.
Strange hold: hold attack. 4d6 SDC to HP per melee round. Pinned victim:  ½ Attacks, cannot speak, -20% damage, To escape roll natural 18-20 (1 attack), 15-20 (2 attacks) or 10-20 (3 attacks, only w/ 6+ attacks available). If break free only 1d6 HP due to strangulation that round.
Breakneck attack: 1 only attack that round. Saving vs 16+ (PE atributes apply). If pass 1d6 to HP, If fail, victim to 0 HP. Roll versus Insanity (near death experience). 2 success makes impervious for that day.
Body Block/Tackle:  does 1D4 damage. The opponent must dodge or parry (push awayldeflect attacker) to avoid being knocked down. If knocked down, the opponent loses one melee attacklaction and initiative for the rest of that round.
Disposition: Adina is secretive and aggressive. She maintains distance from other Goodcourtiers and can be sarcastic and sharp when approached. She is confrontational and vaguely threatening to anyone who stands up to her. She can also seem melodramatic and fake. The truth is that most of this is a front. És un Rawhead que es va refugiar a Goodcourt fugint d’uns caça vampirs i s’hi ha quedat, posant l’excusa que estudia la Ley Line. She lives in fear of discovery. The story about studying the Ley Line is mostly a ploy to allow her to stay here. She likes being on a Ley Line, and doesn't want to leave. While she does take the occasional look at the Line and the Fade effects, it's out of personal curiosity (she is a Ley Line Walker, after all) and because the Magic Fades drive her crazy. She would like to stop them, but knows that it is beyond her abilities. Her "research" generally consists of sending an observation ball down the Line. For her own safety she has made it a priority to guide the town's course so that it remains undiscovered by the world at large. Her best tool is manipulating the Gathering. She does this through both skilled argumentation and magical manipulation of the other attendees (Charismatic Aura, Charm, and Compulsion being most useful). The depths to which she will sink to achieve her aims should not be underestimated. She can be subtle or direct as her plans dictate. Her dislike of the other mages comes from both the concern that her manipulation will be discovered and because she sees a lot of her old self in them. And she really does think of the townspeople as bumpkins, but sees it in her own interest to assist them.
Possessions: Magic Boots (change to look like any kind of footgear, works as 9th level Superhuman Speed twice per day; Speed attribute of 44 (equal to 30 mph148 km) and +2 to parry and +6 to dodge for 4 min - 16 melee rounds). Alter aura pin.