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dimarts, 19 de gener de 2010

Frederick von Wittgenstein

El meu personatge de la Campanya MercTown és un Posluznik: un D-Bee especialitzat en coneixements mèdics. Com que la resta de jugadors s'han fet personatges amb un gran component bèl·lic, he volgut apartar-me una mica d'aquests rols i jugar amb quelcom diferent. La primera opció era fer-me directament un Body Fixer, però després baix topar amb aquesta raça de D-Bees del WB30: D-Bee of NA, i em va agradar el gir que agafa el típic "Sanitario!": té alguns poders psiònics, que sempre van bé, i sobretot la capacitat de fer trasplantaments d'òrgans vius!!! Impagable!.

Sense més dil·lació, aquí us presento el meu PJ de la Campanya Merctown:

Name: Frederick von Wittgenstein (AKA Freddy; AKA The Forensic; AKA Paramedic!)

Experience level: Posluznik RCC 1 (Body fixer XP table) - pg. 159 WB30 D-Bees of NA.

Attributes: I.Q.: 11 M.E.: 20 M.A.: 12 P.S.: 13 P.P.: 21 P.E.: 11 P.B.: 6 Spd. 17

HP: 11 S.D.C: 36

Horror factor: 10; his pale skin, mass of stitches and scars and size are reminiscents of a zombie and unsettling to the average person.

Natural Abilities:

Embalming: He can preserve a limb or organ for transplant trough the ues of a jealously guarded secret embalming method and chemicals. These preserved limbs and organs can last indefinitely in the embalming fluid, but die within 2d6+6 minutes of being removed from the fluid inless they are grafted onto a living body.

Transplants: He has a 25% chance of having an appropriate organ, tissue or limb on hand for an emergency transplant. This percentage increases 5% every level (he has to harvest the parts). The availability of harvested parts is up to the GM discretion.

Vulnerabilities: Due to low PB, -5% on gambling, intelligence, performance, public speaking, undercover ops and -20% on seduction.

Magic Knowledge: None.

PPE: 7

Psionic Powers: Bio-Regeneration (6), Deaden Pain (4), Empathy (4), Healing Touch (6), Object Read (6), Psychic Diagnosis (4), Psychic Surgery (14), See Aura (6), Sense Time (2), Sixth Sense (2), Total Recall (2).

I.S.P.: 41 (Major Psionic; save vs Psionics 12+)

Combat Skills:

Knife (Vibro-Knife)/Scalpel: +3 strike, +5 parry, +4 thrown.
Energy Pistol: +1 strike.

Bonuses: +5 to roll with impact, +4 to parry, +4 to dodge, +3 to strike, +3 to save vs Horror Factor involving blood and gore in medical situations and crime scenes, +3 to save vs Psionics. +5% to interrogation skill.


Vibro-Kinfe (1d6 MD).
NG-57 Ion Blaster 2d4-3d6 MD (2 settings), 500 feet (152 m) range, Payload 10 shots.

Attacks Per Melee: 4

RCC Skills: Language: Posluznik 98%, Language: American 70% (with kind of German accent, as the Posluznik language sounds like German earth), Literacy: Posluznik 60%, Literacy American 50%, Anthropology 40%, Biology 50%, Brewing: Medical 35/40%, Chemistry 45%, Field surgery 55%, Forensics 45%, Holistic medicine 45/35%, Law 40%, Mathematics: Basic 45%, Medical Doctor 75/65%, Mortuary Science 50%, Sewing (professional quality) 60%, Xenology 50%, WP Knife/Scalpel

RCC Related Skills: Paramedic 55%, Entomological Medicine (Lore: Xiticix) 55/35%, Research 50%, Identify Plants & Fruits 35%

Secondary Skills: WP: Energy Pistol (+1 strike), H2H: Basic, Athletics, Climbing 40% (Rappeling 30%)


Two sets of clothing, sturdy boots, two find suits for presing over funerals, medical scrubs, sunglasses, notebooks, pens and pencils, medical kit, expensive collection of scalpels, hand sanitizer, optics band, backpack, two duffel bags, assorted jars for holding embalmed parts, palm bio unit, 100 pair of disposable latex globes, flaslight, multi-tool, gasmask, various books on anatomy, science, and local laws, a palm computer, and data libraries full of medical and anatomical textx. Light Body Armor (NG-A8 Scout Armor 50 MDC; non-enviromental, -5% Climb, Prowl, Swim and Acrobatics). Assortment of knives (5): Combat bush Knife (1d8 SDC), Slimpack Throwing Knife (x2) (1d6 SDC), Polycarbonate knife (not to show up an metal detectors) (1d6 SDC), Small Boot Knife (1d4 SDC); Vibro-knife (1d6 MD), a laser scalpel and an energy pistol (NG-57 Ion Blaster 2d4-3d6 MD, 500 feet (152 m) range, Payload 10 shots).

Money: 10.000 Cr.

Cybernetics: None.

Alignment: Scrupulous (Good)

Age: 41 (looks like in his 30s by human standards)

Size: 6' 5" (1.95 m)

Weight: 120 pd (54 kg)

Background Info: Wittgenstein family has been spreading through the megaverse for ages. Frederick is one of the first members of the family to arrive to Rifts Earth. Here has seen lots military conflicts and decided to stay on earth and join a mercenary party as a paramedic to lend a hand to whoever needs it, while harvesting organs whenever and wherever he can.

Disposition/Personality: Frederick (called "Freddy" by his friends; "The Forensic" by those who just meet him a few times; and Paramedic! by those who met him in the battlefield) it's calm, quiet, serious and a bit gloomy. But he's also a compassionate professional doctor, and at the end of the day, a good and helpful guy.

Physical Description: Tall, thin and pale. His entire body is a patchwork of organic parts and scars: different types of skin and hair, a finger or two don't match with the rest of the hand, etc. It's a gruesome show, so he tries to cover it with black and clean clothes.

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