Imatge aleatoria de capçalera

dijous, 21 de gener de 2010

Kendrick Mason

Nou personatge del grup de Rifts Wave. Es tracta d'un Soldat de la Coalició reconvertit a mercenari.

Name: Kendrick Mason

Experience level: 1 (Coalition Grunt)

Attributes: I.Q.:9 M.E.:10 M.A.:8 P.S.:18 P.P.:19 P.E.:18 P.B.:8 Spd. 14

Hp:22 S.D.C:40

Natural Abilities: None

Vulnerabilities: None

Magic Knowledge: None


PPE: 2

Combat Skills:
Roundhouse Kick (3d6)
Axe Kick (2d8)
Knee Strike (1d8)
Leap Kick (3d8; counts as two kicks)

+2 Strike (+3 w/sword) +5 Aimed Shot; +3 burst
+2 Parry (+3 w/sword)
+2 Dodge
+3 Melee Damage
+4 Roll with punch
+3 pull punch

C-18: 2d4 MDC 800 ft. range, 10 rounds
C-12: 4d6 MDC; 2d6 MDC; 6d6 SDC 2000 ft. range, 120 SDC shots, 20 MDC shots +1 Aimed Shot
MP-23A: Explosive Rounds: 12d6 SDC; 6d6x10 (burst); 1d4 MDC

Attacks Per Melee: 4

OCC/RCC Skills:
Language: American 92%, Body Building, Climbing 45%, Military Etiquette 50%, Pilot Hovercraft 60%, Pilot Tanks 60%, Radio Basic 55%, Radio Combat Basic, Sensory Equipment 40%, Running, Weapons Systems 50%, W.P. Energy Pistol, W.P. Energy Rifle, W.P. Sword,

Secondary Skills:
H2H: Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Navigation 40%, Combat Driving, Automobile 60%, Field Armorer and Munitions 55%, Trap/Mine Detection 35%, Cooking 35%, Wrestling, Hovercycles 70%, Automotive Tech. 25%

Equipment: Dead Boy armor, C-18 Laser Pistol, c-12 Laser Assault Rifle, 8 extra E-clips, 2 Fragmentation Grenades, 3 Signal Flares, 1 Survival Knife, Utility Belt, Air Filter/Gas Mask, Walkie Talkie, Uniform Combat Boots, Canteen, MP-223A Caseless SMG

Money: 3400 credits

Cybernetics: None

Alignment: Scrupulous

Age: 25

Size: 5'10", 235 lbs.

Background Info: Having served in the Coalition States, Mason served as a pilot of an CS Mark V Armored Personnel Carrier. After suffering a near death experience in an APC training exercise, he reevaluated life, its meaning, and the value of peace. He defected on the Coalition, and set out to find a better life. Unfortunately, the only way he knows to make a living is to wage war.

Disposition/Personality: Sarcastic, yet humble. Loyal and friendly. Valiant, never-say-die, religious.

Physical Description: Well-built human, G.I. buzz cut, blue eyes, wearing black CS Dead Boy armor.

M.D.C. by Location:
Head/Helmet — 70
Arms — 60 each
Legs — 80 each
Main Body —100