Imatge aleatoria de capçalera

divendres, 27 d’agost de 2010

Tipus de conjurs

Sovint en les OCC màgiques ens diuen que triem un o varis conjurs d'un determinat tipus: atac, defensa, il·lusió...però en cap moment es defineixen els conjurs com formant part d'una categoria concreta. A la pàgina 72 del WB16 Federation of Magic R&E hi ha alguns exemples de conjurs segons la seva categoria. Partint d'aquests exemples faig una classificació dels conjurs del Book of Magic.

Conjurs ofensius/combat
Nivell 1: Thunderclap.
Nivell 2: Shatter, Throwing Stones.
Nivell 3: Energy Bolt, Fuel flame, Ignite fire, Orb of cold, Paralysis: lesser, Telekinesis, Wave of frost.
Nivell 4: Blind, Carped of adhesion, Electric Arc, Fireblast, Fire Bolt, Fist of Fury, Magic net, Ricochet Strike.
Nivell 5: Death curse, Featherlight, House of glass, Lifeblast, Mental blast, Superhuman Endurance, Superhuman strength, Superhuman speed.
Nivell 6: Barrage, Call lighting, Crushing fist, Fire ball, Fortify against disease, Frostblade, Power bolt.
Nivell 7: Agony, Ballistic Fire, Fire gout, Life drain, Lightblade, Mental shock, Sonic blast, Spinning blades, Sub-particle acceleration, Wind rush.
Nivell 8: Fire globe, Ley line tendril bolts, Lightning arc, Luck curse, Magical-adrenal rush, Power weapon, Shockwave, Sickness, Sorcerous fury.
Nivell 9: Desiccate the supernatural, Dragon fire, Speed of the Snail.
Nivell 10: Deathword, Giant, Havoc, Magic warrior, Meteor, Speed weapon.
Nivell 11: Firequake.
Nivell 12: Heavy air, Ironwood, Soultwist.
Nivell 13: Collapse.
Nivell 14: -
Nivell 15: Enchant weapon (minor).

Conjurs defensius:
Nivell 1: Blinding Flash, Globe of Daylight.
Nivell 2: Befuddle, Detect Concealment, Turn Dead.
Nivell 3: Armor of Ithan, Impervious to fire, Impervious to poison, Magic shield, Negate poison/toxin, Resist fire.
Nivell 4: Chromatic protection, Deflect, Energy field, Repel animals.
Nivell 5: Armor Bizarre, Circle of flame, Energy Disruption, Implosion neutralizer, Lifeblast.
Nivell 6: Ice, Impervious to energy, Sheltering force, Targeted deflection.
Nivell 7: Dispel magic barriers, Invulnerability, Negate mechanics, Spinning blades.
Nivell 8: Exorcism, Expel demons, Invincible armor, Lifeward, Negate magic, Stone to flesh, Wall of wind.
Nivell 9: Protection circle: simple, Swords to snakes, Wall of defense.
Nivell 10: Armorbane, Reality flux, Wall of not, Wards, Warped Space.
Nivell 11: Anti-magic cloud, Bottomless pit, Ley line storm defense, See in magic darkness, Summon fog.
Nivell 12: Amulet, Calm storms, Null sphere, Wall of the weird
Nivell 13: Protection circle: superior, Sanctum, Shadow wall.
Nivell 14: Id Barrier, Impenetrable wall of force, Rifts triangular defense sytem.
Nivell 15: Void.

Conjurs d'evasió:
Nivell 1: Cloud of smoke, Death Trance.
Nivell 2: Chameleon, Climb, Cloak of Darkness, Levitation.
Nivell 3: Breath without air, Float in air, Invisibility: Simple.
Nivell 4: Shadow Meld, Swim as a Fish (lesser).
Nivell 5: Aura of Death, Escape, Fly, Swim as a fish (superior).
Nivell 6: Reduce self (6 inches), Teleport: lesser, Time slip.
Nivell 7: Fly as the eagle, Invisibility (superior), Ley line fade, Metamorphosis: animal.
Nivell 8: Metamorphosis: human, Winged flight.
Nivell 9: D-Step, Ley line phantom, Ley line time flux, Metamorphosis: insect, Phantom mount, realm of chaos.
Nivell 10: Ley line ghost, Metamorphosis: superior, Mystic portal, Plane skip.
Nivell 11: Astral hole, Rift to limbo, Rifts teleportation.
Nivell 12: Metamorphosis: mist, Time hole.
Nivell 13: Swap places.
Nivell 14: -
Nivell 15: Circle of travel, Dimensional portal, Dimensional teleport, Teleport: Superior.

Conjurs d'il·lusió:
Nivell 1: Globe of Daylight.
Nivell 2: Aura of power, Chameleon, Climb, Cloak of Darkness, Concealment, Fear, Heavy Breathing.
Nivell 3: Light target.
Nivell 4: Charismatic aura, Fool's gold, Multiple Image, Reflection, Watchguard.
Nivell 5: Armor Bizarre, Horrific Illusion, Horror.
Nivell 6: Apparition, Illusion booster, Illusory wall, Mask of Deceit.
Nivell 7: -
Nivell 8: Hallucination, World bizarre.
Nivell 9: Illusion manipulation.
Nivell 10: Illusory forest, Magic warrior, Curse of the world bizarre.
Nivell 11: Illusory terrain.

Conjurs de control mental:
Nivell 1: -
Nivell 2: Aura of power, Fear.
Nivell 3: -
Nivell 4: Charismatic aura, Trance, Weight of Duty, .
Nivell 5: Calling, Charm, Domination, Horror, Influence the beast, Instill knowledge, Lifeblast, Sleep.
Nivell 6: Compulsion, Memory bank, Words of truth.
Nivell 7: Agony, Constrain beign, Mental shock, Second sight.
Nivell 8: Minor curse, Wisp of confusion.
Nivell 9: Aura of doom, Curse: phobia, Familiar link, Mute, Tame beast.
Nivell 10: Banishment, Control & enslave entity, Enemy mind, Curse of the world bizarre, Disharmonize.
Nivell 11: Mindshatter.
Nivell 12: Ensorcel, Soultwist.
Nivell 13: -
Nivell 14: -
Nivell 15: Transformation.

Nota: Un conjur pot pertànyer a més d'una categoria.