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dimarts, 9 de setembre de 2008

Peter Peckinpah

Peter Peckinpah

OCC Preacher – Fire & Brimstone (WB 14: New West). Experience Level: 3

Alignment: Aberrant.

IQ 14, ME 20, MA 22 PS 15 PP 11, PE 13, PB 11, SPD 13

Save vs. Psionics/Insanity: +3/+3
Trust/Intimidate: 70%
Tolerance to alcohol. Can drink twice as much as the average person.

SDC 51, HP 23
PPE 8, ISP 40 (Minor Psionic)

OCC Skills
Speak American 98%, Speak Spanish 98%, Speak Demongogian +20, Literacy: American 98%, Math: Basic 98%, Law 80%, Lore: Religion 75%, Lore: Demons & Monsters 55%, Lore: Magic 55%, Animal Husbandry 60%, Paramedic, 65%, Pilot: Automobile 76%, Land navigation 58%, WP: Shotgun, WP: Handgun, H2H: Basic.

OCC Related Skills
Barter 52%, Optic Systems 55%, Public Speaking 55%, Interrogation 50%, Mechanical: Automotive 40%, Biology 55%, Chemistry 55%, Forensics 60%, Psychology 60%.

Secondary Skills
Body Building, Climbing 55%/45%, History: Post-Apocalypse 50%/45%, Research 55%.

Psionic powers
Nightvision (4), Telekinesis (Variable, see pg 169 RUE).

Attacks per melee 4, Strike +2, Parry +2, Dodge +2, Pull Punch +2, Initiative +3, Disarm +2, Roll with punch/fall +2.

Mind control: +1, Possession +1, Psionics (12): +0, Horror factor: +2.

Hand to Hand attacks
Normal punch: 1d4 SDC, Power punch: 2d4 SDC, Normal kick: 1d8 SDC.

Modern Weapons
- ATA “Super 10” Shotgun “Doorbuster” (+2 Strike/+3 in range 18,3) m: dmg 5d6 MDC, 50% knocking opponent (loose init. and 1 melee attack); range 30,5 m, payload 8, RoF 1.
- Bandit IP-10 Ion Pistol (+3 Strike/+4 Aim): dmg 3d6 MDC, range 122 m, payload 10, RoF 1.

Branaghan Armor (78+28 with overcoat), hooded robe for traveling, two sets of white and/or gray silk robes for sermons, quality cowboy hat, boots, sunglasses, tinted goggles, air filter, a megaphone (for sermons), flashlight, notepad and pens or markers, a post-Rifts printing of the Bible (pre-Rifts relics are the most valued), large wooden cross, small silver cross on a chain, six wooden stakes and a small mallet, pocket magnifying glass, pocket language translator, first-aid medical kit, RMKS Robot Medical Kit, a bottle or skin of wine, box of matches or cigarette lighter, pocket mirror, a pair of handcuffs, 50 feet (15.2 m) of lightweight rope, utility belt, knapsack, backpack, and three canteens. Weapons: survival knife, ATA “Super 10” Shotgun “Doorbuster”, Bandit IP-10 Ion Pistol, and 3 additional Eclips/ ammo clips for each.
Vehicle: TW “Sand Ranger” Combat Truck (pg 108 Arzno).

La història de Peter Peckinpah s’inicia a Austràlia. Fill de l’encreuament entre una aborigen i un reverent, va ser educat en la fe de Déu des que va néixer. Una vegada va ser ordenat es va dedicar a portar la paraula de Déu i la Llei pel continent austral fins que es va veure transportat al Nou Oest durant una tempesta de força. Allà es va adaptar ràpidament a un tipus de clima i societat que no li eren pas alienes.