Imatge aleatoria de capçalera

dijous, 18 d’octubre de 2012


Les gargoles, els brodkils i els daemonix, són tots considerats sub-dimonis, però
Què són els sub-dimonis?
Aquestes races tenen característiques i poders molt diferents entre elles; què les uneix per que totes siguin considerades sub-dimonis?

Fem una mica de recerca sobre aquestes criatures i trobem això:

CB3: Dark Conversion [pg. 12]: "Gargoyles are lesser supernatural beings considered a sub-class of demons below even the so-called Lesser Demons. Consequently, the Gargoyles of Hades are treated as second-class citizens, slaves, and cannon fodder by the true demons."

"[Gargoyles from The Gargoyle Empire besieging the NGR] actually dream of establishing a Gargoyle Kingdom on Earth and raising their status  from sub-demons to independent Lesser Demons."

CB3: Dark Conversion [pg. 84]: "Although considered to be demons, they are creatures from another dimension and generally regarded as "sub-demons," minor supernatural beings less powerful than true lesser demons."

DB10: Hades, Pits of Hell [pg. 32]: "Like most Sub-Demons, they are believed to have been spawned in an era of darkness and chaos that predates the "true demons" who lord over them. As such, they tend to rely more on instinct, brute strength and sheer weight of numbers rather than intellect, cunning, trickery and magic. True demons think of Gargoyles in a similar way as modern humans think of the Neanderthal  cavemen of Earth's past: savage, unsophisticated and inferior brutes."

SB1 (R&E) [pg 141]: "Brodkil are a race of savage sub-demons who came to Earth sometime during the Great Cataclysm or Dark Age."

"Brodkil are incredibly aggressive and warlike supernatural creatures, but do not possess significant powers other than Supernatural Strength, M.D.C. bodies, and the ability to tum invisible at will."

"As sub-demons with limited healing capabilities, Brodkil can receive bionic implants and attachments while most other supernatural beings cannot."

CW2: Coaltion Overkill [pg. 87]: "The Daemonix race are hulking, supernatural monstrosities from another world."

"Like most sub-demons, they lack true mystic might and a grasp of magic, which puts them at the bottom of the demonic hierarchy as slaves, workhorses and lap dogs for smaller and crueler, but more magically potent true demons."

WB15 Spirit West [pg. 106]: "The Black-Winged Monster-Men are are demonic in appearance and vile in nature. Black-Winged Monster-Men are powerful, agile warriors that thrive on combat. They prefer giant, ornate spears and hammers (mauls) for melee combat, but they do have wicked claws and slashing teeth which they use with abandon, especially for torture. Generally, they prefer to use their innate abilities for ranged combat, and rarely wear armor. Most scholars and men of magic believe them to be some sort of minor demon or sub-demon like Gargoyles."

Així doncs, a partir de la informació recopilada podem trobar la següent definició:

Sub-dimoni (m). Criatura sobrenatural d'una dimensió aliena a la de la Terra de Rifts, de naturalesa demoníaca, instintiva i agressiva, però amb una manca del poder màgic i inteligència característica dels dimonis veritables. Normalment ocupa baixes posicions dins la jerarquia demoníaca.

Nota: en els tres casos de sub-dimoni coneguts, aquestes races tenen afinitat cap a la tecnologia. Tanmateix no crec que sigui una característica definitòria sinó més aviat una conseqüència de la seva cerca de poder per suplir les seves mancances màgiques.