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dimarts, 2 de febrer de 2010


Name: Valen
R.C.C.: Malvoren (pg. 138 WB30:D-bees of NA).
Experience level: 1  (Malvoren RCC)

Attributes: I.Q.: 11 M.E.: 7 M.A.: 9 P.S.: 20 P.P.: 15 P.E.: 13 P.B.: 5 Spd. 12

Hp: 39 S.D.C: 100

Natural Abilities: Regenerates 1d6 Hit Points or S.D.C. per minute, regenerate a lost  limb within 72 hours, if melded cannot be physically transformed by any means, P.P.E. at a rate of 10 per hour of sleep or meditation.
Meld with Weapons (takes on melee/attack action, PPE-5).
Meld with Weapon Systems (PPE-8).
Meld with Armor (PPE-10).
Meld with Cybernetics (PPE-10, 1d6 S.D.C. and 1d4 H.P.).
Power Weapons (Standard E-Clip: 10 PPE, Long E-Clip: 15 PPE).
Heal & Repair Weapons and Armor.
Meld With Non-Combat Machines.

Vulnerabilities: Poor natural Vision, can only see in infrared and ultraviolet light, and poor hearing

PPE: 93

Psionic Powers: Telemechanics (ISP-5), Telemechanic Paralysis (ISP-10),Telemechanic Mental Operation (ISP-6).

I.S.P.: 67

Particle: Beam Forearm- (6d6+6).

L-20 Pulse Rifle-2d6 MD single shot, 6d6 three busrt shot 40 rounds with 3 spare clips.

NG Super Laser Pistol and Grenade Launcher- 2d4 MD laser, 2d6 MD to a 6 foot blast, 20 blasts 3 spare clips and 6 grenades.

NG-p7 Particle Beam Rifle- 1d4x10 MD 8 shots 3 spare clips.

Claymore 2d6 SDC.

Attacks Per Melee: 4

OCC/RCC Skills:

Language: Native Tongue (Trade Four and Techno-Can)(98%)
Literacy: Native Tongue (Trade Four and Techno-Can at)(60%+5%)
Basic Electronics (35%+5%)
Biowarc Mechanics (30%+5%)
Mathematics: Basic at 98%.
Mathematics: Advanced (65%+5%)
Mechanical Engineering(25%+5%)
Sensory Equipment (35%+5%)
Vehicle Armorer (50%+5%)
Weapon Systems (55%+5%)
Weapons Engineer (75%+5%)
Pilot: Hovercyc!es. Skycycles & Rocket Bikes(70%+3%), Combat Driving
W.P.: Energy Rifle, Energy Pistol, Heavy Military Weapons, Heavy M.D. Weapons, Sword, Submachine-Gun
Navigation (40%+5%)
Sniper (+2 to strike on aimed shot)
Land Navigation (36%+4%)
Detect Ambush (30%+5%)
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts

Secondary Skills:

Recognize Weapon Quality(25%+5%),

Automobile (60%+2%),

Appraise Goods (30%+5%)

Equipment: The Gladiator MDC 70, L-20 Pulse Rifle, NG Super Laser Pistol and Grenade Launcher,NG-p7 Particle Beam Rifle,Claymore

Money: 33,000

Cybernetics: Telescopic Eyes normal vision and 8x magnification, amplified hearing +1 parry, +2 dodge, +6 initiative.

Alignment: Unprincipled

Age: 32

Size: 8'1"

Background Info: After his previous team of mercenary's betrayed him and obviously failed at finishing the job, Valen was lured in to Merc Town by the promise of adventure and money. Although recently the money has stopped rolling in since he has exhausted most of the small bounties that would allow him to work alone. He is now in search of a new group of mercenaries even though he still doesn't quite trust people yet, but food is more important than avoiding uneasy feeling of working with unfamiliar people.

Disposition/Personality: quiet and keeps to him self, and displays an obvious distrust everyone, most likely due to being betrayed by his so called friends

Physical Description: a bunch of muscle like cords wrapped up in the shape of a human.

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Arreglat. És un Malvoren (del B-Bees of NA).